The United Protestant Church is a new ecclesial reality that intends to propose a model of Protestant Church that is horizontal and far from the Church-institution in which many “historical” denominations have taken refuge. At the same time we are a Church in which different traditions and rites live together (Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodist, Anglican) that refer to the 16th century Reform and coexist together in the concept of unity in diversity.
We think that the basis of the Christian faith is summed up in the five points advocated by Luther: Sola Scriptura (with the Bible alone); Sola Fide (with faith alone); Sola Gratia (with only grace); Solus Christus (only Christ); Soli Deo Gloria (for the glory of God alone).

We are a conservative Church in theology and doctrine. The fundamental points of Christian doctrine can not and must not be modified by following temporary and fallacious fashions because they are based on the Sacred Scripture. “We reject the false doctrine, according to which a church could let determine its own message form and its own ordering by its own preferences or by changing the prevailing ideological and political convictions.” (Theological Statement of Barmen, Article III).

We are a progressive Church in ethics not because we allow ourselves to be convinced by the worldly realities to “update” our message but in the light of a return to the Word of God, which is Jesus Christ, who tells us not to discriminate against women, foreigners, the poor, the homosexuals, the HIV-positive, the animals. Throughout history, the churches have been more a reality of judgment and discrimination than a refuge of consolation and fraternal love.

Do you want a Church that does not discriminate?
We celebrate marriage between people of the same sex and we order as pastors women, homosexuals and transsexual. We carry out a pastoral care for seropositives, prisoners and all the people marginalized by society.

Do you want a Church that respects animals and the environment?
Among us there are many vegetarians and vegans and, in respect of all, we began a reflection on the dignity of animals and the protection of all creation.

Do you want a Church that understands society?
To change things we must understand them: we are for social justice and for changing a society based on money, appearance and success: this is the revolutionary message of the Gospel!

Do you want a Church that evangelizes and brings Jesus to everyone?
We really want to bring Jesus Christ and the Word of God to everyone and we are not satisfied by a tired and “cultural” Christianity that survives by tradition.



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